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Welcome to the Mailloux lab!

The Mailloux lab seeks to create and improve T cell-based immunotherapies to treat cancer. We focus on hypothesis-driven research that seeks to: 1) improve on the immune system’s ability to detect cancer cells, 2) address challenges in the tumor microenvironment faced by adoptively transferred effector cells, and 3) develop and translate new immunotherapies.
To this end, we utilize a combination of conventional molecular and immunologic assays, as well as cutting edge technology and new approaches to study the immune response against the tumor. This includes in vitro cell culture-based approaches, in vivo animal models, and ex vivo work with primary human samples. A significant focus of our lab involves fluorescence-based approaches, such as high-parameter flow cytometry and multiplexed immunofluorescence.

Extracellular Matrix - Effector Cell Interactions

Deep Immune Profiling

Tumor-reactive TIL Isolation

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